Student Success Stories

Those who stick to the process, the same process I use in my Etsy shop, are reaping the rewards! Here are a few of the many student success stories we are seeing from students in 2020!

Side note, the following are all DIGITAL PRODUCT sales. 🙌

Christa - Birch & Pine Design

800 sales just in the past month!

“I launched my shop four and a half months ago, and just hit 1,000 sales this morning! The best part, 800 of those sales were made in the past month! I'm so excited to see such growth!"

Sarah - Salt Town Gal

Launched two months ago and already 100 sales...during Covid!

"It finally happened, 100 sales! I started a two months ago, and didn’t think that I made the best decision to open when I did with all our world’s problems, but now I see the light!! Thank you Kasey Snell!"

Randee - Made Wild Shop

1000 sales in six months!

"Thanks to Kasey I reached 1000 sales in only
six months!"

Christie - Crafty Christies Creations

I made more in the first month than in the previous six months!

"I made more money on Etsy in the first month of selling SVG designs than I had in the previous six months selling physical products!"

I now have over 3,000 sales!

"I had an Etsy shop selling my designs on t-shirts and other physical products, which was very time consuming. I wanted a way to increase my income without sacrificing more time, which I didn’t have! ...I’ve now had over 3,000 sales in my shop on Etsy, and love that I still have a way to make an income if I’m ever unable to work or on vacation. Thank you!"


"I recently opened my Etsy shop and just hit over 100 sales!"


"Had my 100th sale this morning! Opened just under 2 months ago"


500 sales today... tomorrow marks 3 months being open!!!! So forever thankful!! Still not sick of hearing that cha ching!!!


I opened my shop just 2.5 weeks ago on August 6th and today I woke up with a best seller badge and 117 sales. Just wanted to thank you! I’ve loved every minute of this... even with a toddler and a virtual kindergartener.


Today makes two weeks since I opened my Etsy shop!! Today I made 250 Sales! Thank you so much! You gave me the confidence I needed!


I just hit 100 sales! I can’t believe it’s only taken a couple of months to hit this milestone 😃 Yay!!! Thanks to Kasey Snell and her awesome course!


6 months of my shop being open, and I’ve done it! I hit 1,000 sales today!!! I’m so excited to tell you all that it is totally POSSIBLE! This has been such a fun and exciting 6 months and I can only imagine it getting better from here!

- Arilee

I let my shop go for a short while after my son was born and worked on it here and there. I had a few best sellers but had not made more than $300/month. In August, I started noticing my fall items were selling so I decided to keep putting more items in my shop. By the end of August, I made $1500 and by the end of September, it more than doubled to $3400. If you want to do this... 100% go for it!

-Deborah S.

I could honestly cry! Yesterday was so magical in my Etsy shop, and I’m beyond thankful for Kasey! This has truly solidified in my mind the fact that this business has the potential to become the stable income I’ve never had. Thank You!


I hit a milestone of 100 sales today! I only had 23 listings..and have only been doing this as a side hustle to date so not super active. Can't wait to see this grow!