No need to stress while learning this new program and design process. I hold your hand every step of the way. You'll not only have a simple step-by-step process to follow but you'll also have me! From monthly live Q+A sessions, to unlimited email support, to private one-on-one sessions (if needed after completing the course)...I've got your back!


is the first program of its kind that...

ALLOWS YOU TO DESIGN SVG FILES IN A MATTER OF DAYS You are busy. Your time is important. This is why its crucial to learn as quickly as possible. This program takes you from knowing nothing about cut files or Adobe Illustrator to creating your first SVG file in a matter of days! Spend less time learning and more time creating! With the course broken down into a simple, 5-step proven process, you'll be designing cut files in no time.

IS BUILT WITH SIMPLICITY IN MIND We trimmed the fat out of this program. Adobe Illustrator has hundreds of functions and tools! No need to learn what you don't need. Since this is a beginner course we put blinders on so you only learn the functions and tools needed to design cut files.

PROVIDES UNLIMITED ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT When you want to throw your computer because a file is not working, that's where I come in! The one thing I wish I would've had when learning how to design cut files is someone there by my side to help me through the problems, telling me exactly what I'm doing wrong. I will be this for you! Shoot me an email, message me, pop in to the private FB group or even hop on a call, I've got you!

PART ONE The Designer's Course to SVG Files 

Since this is a beginner's course, part one is jam packed with A LOT of information all inside these first five modules. This makes for a very a streamlined, yet basic process that allows you to create SVG files as quickly as possible. 

WELCOME MODULE Ramp Up For Success 

  • This module is all about making sure you have what you need and that you're ready to begin the course.
  • Everything from how to setup instructions to important need-to-knows is here. 
  • There's also an entire Welcome Packet full of Cheat Sheets, Keyboard Shortcuts and Actionable Worksheets that can be printed and kept by your side, so you learn Adobe Illustrator at an accelerated speed.

By the end of this module you will have everything you need to rapidly learn SVG design!

MODULE 01 Getting Familiar with Adobe Illustrator

  • At first glance you may feel like you might break something with the amount of tools and options staring you in the face. This is why we walk through only the most important areas you need in Adobe Illustrator to get started.
  • Here you will learn basic functions, tools and areas within Illustrator as they apply to cut file design.
  • We go over how to correctly setup the document so it is optimized for cut file designs.

By the end of this module you will feel confident with file setup and the areas in Illustrator. GOODBYE overwhelm!

MODULE 02 From Illustrator to Cutting Machine 

  • Its important to understand what we do in Illustrator as designers, why we do it and how it effects the final outcome. This is essential to creating professional, top quality cut files.
  • That's why in this module you will learn how Illustrator and cut files communicate with the cutting machine.
  • Here you will also be introduced to the SVG Creation Process, a proven process I have developed that has been used to create on over 500 cut file designs. Using this process results in a clean, reliable, error-free cut file...no matter how complex the design!

After this module you will have a complete understanding of the process needed to convert any design into an SVG file.

MODULE 03 Becoming a Pro at the SVG Creation Process

  • It is important to get the SVG Creation Process down since this is key to error free cut files and a process you will use on every single design moving forward.
  • Here we practice the SVG Creation Process on basic elements in Illustrator so you get this down before applying the process to more complex designs. You also learn how to create basic elements!

By the end of this module, you will be an expert at the SVG Creaton Process that will lead to top performing cut files!

MODULE 04 Essential Tools + Functions

  • As an SVG designer, 80% of your time will be spent using the same tools and functions over and over.
  • Here we go one step further in AI and walk you through the most commonly used tools and functions used to create SVG's.

By the end of this module you will know how to use the most important functions needed in AI, advancing the learning curve to becoming an SVG designer.

MODULE 05 Confidently Create The Most Used SVG Designs on the Market Today

  • In this module you will apply all that you have learned and create your first SVG designs!
  • I walk you through step-by-step on how to create the most used SVG types including single layer, multi-layered and converting an image into an SVG. These are foundational to your work moving forward.
  • Here you will also take a final exam for part one of the course to test your knowledge so far!

Upon completing part one, you will feel comfortable and confident in creating the most frequently used cut files today.

PART TWO Advance Your Design Database 

At this point you are comfortable in Adobe Illustrator, have the SVG Creation Process down and are able to apply this process to your designs. Now its time to go the distance with designing in Part Two: Advance Your Design....aka the fun part! In this part of the course, we use what we have learned thus far to create all sorts of SVG's! Think of a design in your mind and make it come to life in Illustrator! The sky is the limit! Here's the lessons that will get you there..

MODULE 01 Advanced Multi-layered 

  • This module covers the most advanced, multi-layered designs resulting in several layers of materials that can all be cut in one process!

MODULE 02 Advanced Anchor Points + Paths 

  • Illustrator is made up of anchor points and paths. Here you become a master at using these, allowing you to lay the foundation or make adjustments to any design in order to achieve the unique piece you have in mind! Becoming an expert at anchor points and paths makes you an expert at SVG design!

MODULE 03 Advanced Working With Type 

  • Type accounts for 80% of all designs. Here you will learn how to manipulate type, how to add text to a shape, how to "it it to a shape and how to add flourishes to your text - eliminating the need to become a lettering artist but still achieving the same hand drawn style that is popular in todays market!

MODULE 04 Grunges, Plaids + Patterns 

  • The trend of grunges, plaids and patterns is on the rise! Here you will create your own completely from scratch and also learn how to leverage free patterns found online to create your own patterns for SVG files. I show you where to go and how to convert design assets such as these into SVG files. I even throw in a free pattern I created that you can use on your own creaitons moving forward!

MODULE 05 Mandalas 

  • Mandala or zentangle designs add a unique element to projects. These will set you apart from competition in no time! Learn just how easy it is to create beautiful mandalas in Illustrator and how to add them to any design object. Creating mandalas in Illustrator is so, so easy!

MODULE 06 Hand Drawn Designs

  • Hand drawn designs are currently the top selling cut file style. You will learn how to achieve this highly sought after look without needing to be an expert at hand lettering, calligraphy or illustration.

MODULE 07 Going 3D: Flowers, Cards + Boxes

  • The best part about creating SVG files are the neat things you now are able to create all by yourself. You will learn how to design flowers, cards and boxes that can be folded, tweaked and cut into amazing 3D creations! Your new skills will have you creating all sort of amazing things for years to come!

MODULE 08 The Power of Trace

  • In this module you will learn just how amazing the image trace feature is within Adobe Illustrator. Nothing will hold you back after learning where to find legal images to trace, how to trace even the most complex images, how to trace your own artwork on a physical piece of paper, how to clean up and alter the trace and then lastly how to convert each into a high quality SVG file. This one is a game changer! You can't be Illustrator's image trace feature!

MODULE 09 Filetypes, Exporting + Troubleshooting Files

  • Its important to know all the different filetypes you can create in Adobe Illustrator. Cut files are just the tip of the iceberg to what you're able to create! You will also learn how to setup, size and export your designs to all the filetypes customers expect when ordering from you. That's not all though. You will also become an expert at diagnosing problems that may arise with your cut files when using them in the cutting program such as Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio, and correcting these problems right away.

MODULE 10 Extras: Print-Then-Cut Stickers + Designing On The iPad Pro

  • An extra module included is a simple step-by-step process on how to create print-then-cut stickers. Also, how to use the iPad Pro and convert your design into a true SVG file that does not need to be traced into Design Space or Silhouette! 

BONUS #1 Mockups 101 

Attractive images are what sell a product no matter which platform you sell on. Learn how to create beautiful mockup listing images that speak to buyers. After completing this bonus you will know how to create, layer and style your designs over existing images resulting in attractive images that speak to buyers and increase sales. Making all the hard work put towards creating them time well spent!

BONUS #2 The Formula to Top Selling SVG Designs

Learn the most important design rules used by leading graphic designers today and how these same rules apply to SVG design. Following these rules will help you avoid the most common mistakes made by new designers, advancing your sales on the open market. In this training you will learn about focal points, color palettes and combinations, typography do's and don'ts plus the ins and outs of alignment and design flow.

The Designer's Course to SVG Files is the most comprehensive, step-by-step mentoring program for those passionate about becoming a professional SVG designer today.

My student satisfaction currently has a 5 - Star Rating! Students are beyond happy with the simplicity of the course and especially all the mentoring they receive with their investment!

Now here's the thing.

By the end of these 30 days, you'll have received access to the majority of the course (minus the bonuses released on day 31). Meaning you'll have had the opportunity to try out your hand at cut file design and Adobe Illustrator BEFORE making a final committment.

If you feel this isn't for you, simply email me at kasey@penandposh.com, show me you've done the work and I will gladly give you a full refund on your investment.






  • Lifetime access to The Designer's Course to SVG Files: Part One and Advance Your Design: Part Two --15 modules, 64+ video trainings 
  • Weekly Live Q+A Sessions
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Email Support 
  • BONUS: Mockups 101 Training
  • BONUS: The Formula to Top Selling SVG Designs





  • Lifetime access to The Designer's Course to SVG Files: Part One and Advance Your Design: Part Two --15 modules, 64+ video trainings  
  • Weekly Live Q+A Sessions
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • BONUS: Mockups 101 Training
  • BONUS: The Formula to Top Selling SVG Designs