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Katie the Crafty Blog Stalker

"What I learned in the first module is already worth the entire cost of the course! I am very experienced in PhotoShop and have tried to move over to Adobe Illustrator multiple times, but most if not all courses I have tried just drown you with information and 90% of the material is just not relevant to creating cut files. Your streamlined process was exactly what I have been looking for."


"I recently opened my Etsy shop and just hit over 100 sales!"


"Had my 100th sale this morning! Opened just under 2 months ago"


Today makes two weeks since I opened my Etsy shop!! Today I made 250 Sales! Thank you so much! You gave me the confidence I needed!


"Seriously some of the best money I have spent!"

"I knew as a calligrapher and hand letterer I could make cute designs, I just couldn't find the magic way to do so via YouTube or other tutorials. I stumbled upon Kasey and reached out to get more info. Seriously some of the best money I have spent. She is great! The class is thorough and easy to follow. She is SUPER QUICK to reply to any questions I have had. If you’re hesitant because of the cost or any other reasons I would say take the leap and invest in the class. She’s a great instructor and there is so much value packed in the class." -ERIN

"So worth it!"

I opened my shop just 2.5 weeks ago on August 6th and today I woke up with a best seller badge and 117 sales. Just wanted to thank you! I’ve loved every minute of this... even with a toddler and a virtual kindergartener.


"Hands down the best thing I could have done for my business!"

“I'm glad that I know the vectoring process! I feel like I have the freedom to do anything with my shop. I have already made a few sales on my SVG products. Taking this course was hands down the best thing I could have done for my business."


"So worth it!"

“I'm only starting the mandala section but I have learnt so much already so everything is worth it and I think you've built a great course, so thank you!" -TESS

"Exactly what I was looking for!"

"I am really enjoying your course - very thorough and exactly the content I am looking for." -ALEX

"Love the teaching style!"

“When I watched the presentation of your SVG course, I knew that it was what I had been looking for! I love your teaching style. I try to listen in on the FB live Q+A, you are so generous with your time and talent. Thank you!" -LINDA

"I know I have said this before, but your class has been amazing! The detail in it and how you have made yourself available has been nothing short of amazing."


"Thank you so much for the course! I am absolutely loving it and am learning so much! I feel like it’s been the outlet I’ve been searching for."


"Kasey has provided so much and more than I had even expected. This is honestly the best online training course I have ever taken. I highly recommend it!"


"I'm learning so much from you and your course. I look forward to my "class time" every day!"


Christa - Birch & Pine Design

800 sales just in the past month!

“I launched my shop four and a half months ago, and just hit 1,000 sales this morning! The best part, 800 of those sales were made in the past month! I'm so excited to see such growth!"

Sarah - Salt Town Gal

Launched two months ago and already 100 sales...during Covid!

"It finally happened, 100 sales! I started a two months ago, and didn’t think that I made the best decision to open when I did with all our world’s problems, but now I see the light!! Thank you Kasey Clin!"

Randee - Made Wild Shop

1000 sales in the first six months!

"This course came at the perfect time for me. The course itself was so easy to understand. I love how every step was well explained. Kasey helped me fall in love Illustrator! She has put her heart and soul into this course and you can see it! Thanks to Kasey I reached 1000 sales in only six months!"

Christie - Crafty Christies Creations

I made more in the first month than in the previous six months!

This was the best investment I could have made! In just a few short weeks I was making my own designs. I made more money on Etsy in the first month of selling SVG designs than I had in the previous six months selling physical products!"

"I now have a way to make income if I'm ever unable to work!"

"I loved taking The Designer’s Course to SVG Files! I’m a graphic designer, and prior to this course, I had an Etsy shop selling my designs on t-shirts and other physical products, which was very time consuming. I wanted a way to increase my income without sacrificing more time, which I didn’t have! I learned that selling SVG files is a great way to make a passive income, so I signed up for Kasey’s course. Even though I was already a graphic designer, I had no idea how to create SVG files that would work with cutting machines. Not only did I learn how to do this, but I also developed new design skills that I hadn’t learned in my 5+ years as a graphic designer! I’ve now had over 3,000 sales in my SVG shop on Etsy, and love that I still have a way to make an income if I’m ever unable to work or on vacation. Thank you Kasey!"


"500 sales today and tomorrow marks 3 months being open! So forever thankful! Still not sick of hearing that cha ching!"


"I was always running into problems...but your process really works!"

Before, I was just teaching myself. I was always running into problems, which of course took me forever on one design. Your process really works! The first module has helped me so much already. I can quickly setup files now for my husband's orders. I can't imagine what else there is to learn! I'm so excited for the next module.


From zero experience to designing in no time!

I started with zero experience in using AI or a Cricut. I wanted to create designs to fully utilize my Cricut machine and create items to sell. Kasey’s course took me from zero experience to designing in no time. I can’t wait to see where this will take me.


You're the best instructor!

"I love the course! The videos are super easy to follow while still challenging you to think. You’re just the best instructor!"


I know Illustrator but still I have learned so much!

I have learned so many things with the Designer's Course to SVG Files. I learned how to use anchor points and adding flourishes to text....and I have been using Adobe Illustrator for many years!


I learned things I didn't know were possible.

I had already been in the SVG market for a couple of years when I registered for this course. While I had the basics down, I was able to elevate my design skills with the course. I learned a number of things about Illustrator I didn’t even know were possible, and having Kasey as a resource for questions was huge!


I love the go at your own pace, lifetime access!

I have really enjoyed the designers course so far. When I first opened the adobe I was SUPER intimidated. But Kasey has broken everything down so nicely. It really is easy to follow her videos as well as the handouts. I am limited to the amount of time I have to complete the course. Thats why I'm so grateful that there is no expiration date on it, and I have access to the program for a lifetime! I also am very impressed with how Kasey gets back to my emails so quickly! I know she is busy just like I am with her little ones, and yet she finds time to help me out within less than a day sometimes!


"I enrolled in the Creative Live Adobe Illustrator course, but it was too much for me to absorb. Kasey presents all I need to know... condensed into one course!"


"I am really enjoying your course - very thorough and exactly the content I am looking for!"


"Loving the course! I’ve been making SVG's for two years for my Glowforge, but holy cow, I didn’t realize how little I actually knew! "


I started a different course before I found yours and was very overwhelmed because the time wasn’t taken to explain step-by-step methods like The Designer's Course to SVG Files does. I spent a month working on it and I’ve learned more in the last week from your course so thank you!"


"I was nervous because I actually just finished a degree in Graphic Design last spring. I wish I had found Kasey sooner.
I do feel like my previous Adobe Illustrator classes were helpful but they didn’t nearly take the slow and easy approach that I’ve seen in Kasey's modules. I am so grateful for the time and effort she's put into the course! Thank you so much!"


"I am really happy I took this course even though I had previously taken an SVG course.
...Kasey explains why each step is necessary as well as how they affect the final design and that's my learning style. It's very focused and she is very passionate about helping her students. I think that was the missing element in the other course."


Courses for all levels, beginner and experienced!

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing so much through your instructional videos! They were so easy to follow and so super helpful! I had zero experience with Adobe before this and now I feel pretty comfortable working in there! Also you listing tips and Etsy tips have all been super helpful!!!!!!!”


I started the course last weekend and am loving it so far. I’m a graphic designer at a large, corporate company so am familiar with Illustrator, but I’ve already learned so much that I didn’t know. Kasey, I’m loving the shortcuts! 😃 I’m so excited to learn more. I’ve had two Etsy shops in the past (both jewelry), and both never took off. I think SVG design is exactly what I’ve been searching for as a creative outlet and passive income generator. Thanks so much for creating this course Kasey! You’re a great teacher! "


"I'm very happy that I have learned this new skill. It makes me very excited. Thank you and if it weren't for your course I would not even have thought of learning this on my own. For me to find all those information on the web and piece them together will take forever! You have a natural knack for teaching. I told my husband how you are a blessing.. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. "


You have helped create a monster. I am so obsessed with creating designs. I am so thankful my husband is so on board with this, because if not he would be some kind of upset. I kid I kid. But seriously, I could cry because it has really started to click and I am so very thankful with your patience and response to not only my question but questions of others so we can all learn. Your forever fan!!! "


I was a bit nervous about online learning, it has proven to be difficult for me in the past. Kasey’s videos are super easy to follow and perfect for first time Illustrator users. If you’re already using Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space, the translation is pretty easy to learn Illustrator. So if you’re ready to learn how to make your own SVG designs check out the link in my bio titled The Designers Course to SVG Files."


I just hit 100 sales! I can’t believe it’s only taken a couple of months to hit this milestone 😃 Yay!!! Thanks to Kasey Snell and her awesome course!


6 months of my shop being open, and I’ve done it! I hit 1,000 sales today!!! I’m so excited to tell you all that it is totally POSSIBLE! This has been such a fun and exciting 6 months and I can only imagine it getting better from here!

- Arilee

I let my shop go for a short while after my son was born and worked on it here and there. I had a few best sellers but had not made more than $300/month. In August, I started noticing my fall items were selling so I decided to keep putting more items in my shop. By the end of August, I made $1500 and by the end of September, it more than doubled to $3400. If you want to do this... 100% go for it!

-Deborah S.

"I love that I can go at my own pace!"

"Kasey does such a great job explaining the tools in Adobe Illustrator that you need for SVG design. The course is broken down into many simple parts so that it is easy to tackle when you have time...especially if you are a busy mom or someone who doesn't have a ton of time on their hands but would like to give this course a try. I especially enjoy the support she provides in the weekly lives and emails, she always answer every question!!!"


"This course is amazing. Thank you for your knowledge and teaching style. I had a little basic understanding of AI but you made it so easy."


Thank you so much, not only for providing this training, but also for making it soooo well organized and easy to understand. There wasn't a doubt in my mind it was gonna be good when I saw the welcome packet and then I was even more impressed that you had the links directly below each video they relate to. You've done an awesome job with all of this!


I could honestly cry! Yesterday was so magical in my Etsy shop, and I’m beyond thankful for Kasey! This has truly solidified in my mind the fact that this business has the potential to become the stable income I’ve never had. Thank You!


I hit a milestone of 100 sales today! I only had 23 listings..and have only been doing this as a side hustle to date so not super active. Can't wait to see this grow!


I just hit 100 sales! I can’t believe it’s only taken a couple of months to hit this milestone 😃 yay!!! Thanks to Kasey Clin and her awesome course!


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