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The 5 Insider Secrets That Top SVG Designers Aren't Sharing

That Will Grow Your Business Overnight

Learn of the recent shift in the crafting industry and how COVID-19 has played a big part. Why it's important to be at the forefront of this shift and the best-kept secrets behind SVG design today that lead to massive growth.

In this FREE masterclass, you'll learn..

The Top Insider Secrets
by top SVG designers that ends up saving them time and money.

The Leading SVG Design Software
 used by top designers today and why they choose it.

New Cutting Machine Technology
that is changing at home crafting and why we need to know this.

The Effect COVID Has Had on Crafting
and why this is good news for SVG designers.

An Industry Shift Happening Right Now
and why it is essential to be at the forefront.

The Crafting Industry is Changing

Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for your time or you're simply spread too thin with the responsibilities of every day life, right now can be the breakthrough you've been waiting for.

Right now is the best time to become an SVG designer.

This masterclass is a MUST attend if you...


Are motivated to make a change

You have been in your current situation for quite some time now and are ready to make a change that will pivot your craft hobby or handmade business.


Want hard proof

There's a lot of talk and opinion these days, but where is the hard proof! In the masterclass you will learn of the latest trends, data and information happening in the crafting/cutting industry right now, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.


Are a crafter, designer or artist

You love to create but are tired of being tied down by designs you find online and wish there was another solution.


Want to unleash your creativity

You are a natural creative! How about we take what's in that creative head of yours and put it out into the world with zero limitations!


Are curious about SVG design

You have been in the handmade industry and may even use SVG's in your every daybusiness, but you aren't sure if cut file design is right for you.


Would like a piece of that passive income pie!

You have heard about the success of others in designing and selling SVG's but aren't sure if this is possible for you.

We will address all these and more so that by the end you will have everything you need to move forward!

Your masterclass host... KASEY SNELL 

Owner of Pen + Posh An SVG design business that rose to the top 1% of shops selling on Etsy, and replaced my corporate income within the first six months.

I have created over 600 cut file designs, earned over six figures from selling SVG files, and have taught hundreds across the globe to do the same.

Learning how to design professional cut files bridges the gap between crafting and graphic design so that you can unlock our true creative potential.

SVG designs created by Kasey.

Here's what past attendees have to say!

"Thanks for all the free info! I appreciated hearing from someone who has been there, done that. Now I can make an informed decision for my handmade business." - Amanda (UK)

"Love this and can't wait to dive in. I'm already using the software, but I am ready to learn the tips and make mooney!" - Vanessa (Long Beach, MS)

"I went to school for graphic design but never liked working as a designer. This has put a whole new spin on things and gives me the freedom to create! I am truly thankful for the information you provided, very informative and helpful." - Anonymous

"Thank you! This was such great information!" - Armiada (Texas)

Join me. Let's create together.

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